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Thanks for visting my Teratak,It my Officially personal blog. I am Malaysian,Malay and Muslim.
Dear Allah, save them from a turn of the road that annoy YOU, My greatest ALLAH.
I am a wife and mother.
I'm in love to try new thing in craft , try new recipe in my cooking skill.
My blog as writing about my journals without a title, and it was a learning experience in my real life.
Most of them in bahasa but try to presented it in English.
Be free to visiting my blog with comment,criticism ,suggestion or just wanna say Hi.

raya tahun 2020

Happy syawal... belum start puasa enam.. aku... ermm dunno how to start.. selamat hari raya aidilfitri.. every one celebrate it at their home include me.. but not real celbrate at our home.. i didnt cook at malam raya.. and first day raya.. we celebrate at my mother in law house.. rumah mak mentua belakang rumah kami aje.. not too dekat.. td kira dekat .. 5 minit boleh smpai.. makan tdo makan tdo.. that kami punye aktiviti.. hehee
Malyna Jury

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terima kasih...
kalo ada salah and silap sila tegur ye..
jgn la guna bahasa2 kasar

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